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MIKE BRIDGES CROSS FIT Mike bridges suggests that jumping rope is the third best full body exercise, only 10 minutes sufficient. 10 rounds of one minute on and 30 seconds off. It’s challenging but effective

TAMMYPICTammie Lawrence suggests: That you take a look at her youtube videos to help peak your performance all around:

MWSAFTEYBARPIC2Mike Womelsdorf suggests: When you get those new knee sleeves, remember to just gently wash them under warm water after use to keep them ready for the next squat day.



mikebridgesphotoMike Bridges suggests: When you train your body to failure, as in doing CrossFit WODs correctly, it causes your body to release more HGH (human growth hormone) which aids in performance and makes you look and feel younger! And who doesn’t want that!!


new_pa3Mike Womelsdorf suggests:Ever try going through the Airport TSA with your weightlifting bag as a carry on luggage? Ever have TSA stare at your lever belt and look at it as a weapon? Well one way to help out is to have some pictures of you lifting in competition with the belt on, no sense trying to explain to a 300 lb over weight TSA agent what exercise is let alone Powerlifting.



bob evens benchingBob Evans suggests: Many lifters train with weights that are too light to make real progress in the Bench Press. I use a three week wave starting with 3 board presses the first week then 2 board presses the second week and then 1 board presses with chains the third week. The 3 board weights I use are 50 – 80 pounds over my best Bench Press off my chest. The 2 board weights I use are 40 – 60 pounds over my best Bench Press off my chest. Try this routine for a few months and watch your Bench Press numbers go up!


miamia contest and trip 174Mike Womelsdorf suggests: Like to try something different after a bench work out, well click on the above photo link and try some “ROLLING DUMBELL PRESSES” if done in a smooth rolling motion both forward and reverse you can really help those stabilizer muscles get a good work out.



image002Jim Merlino suggests: When Benching many lifters don’t realize that if they don’t take a lift off they can be hurting their form why? Well a lifter should get into the best possible tight position, lats tucked in, shoulders pushed into the bench, etc. but if you lift that bar off by yourself then you tend to break that tightness that you just achieved, so having a good lift off man can be beneficial to you.

miamia contest and trip 174 (1)Mike Womelsdorf suggests: Looking to know when to lift your best either for today’s workout or for a future contest check out your BIORYTHMS first. Well what are Biorythms? Well some of the top athletes from around the World have been using these calculations for decades, knowing when to give it 100% or back off. Check out this website for more details, and don’t be a skeptic, follow your bio curves for a couple of months and see how close they are to being accurate. Check out your BioRythms at this site! Know when to lift at your best!



photo_xShawn Cain suggests: Number one my list is to keep lifting and competing for fun. If you allow it to become a pain to do, your career will be over before you reach your goals. Don’t over train. You need to lift hard, but you also need recovery time to benefit from that training. When setting up your training, keep in mind (both) weight used and volume of the work out.


new_pa2 Mike Womelsdorf suggests: If you plan to buy a new set of knee wraps at a contest and plan to wear them the same day do yourself a favor. Take the wraps and throw them over a power rack or a chin up bar if available then grab each end and stretch them out a bit, otherwise you will kill yourself trying to wrap the first time with a brand new set that has never been used and it might hurt your performance. Also remember chalk your knees before your wrap and your hands so you get a good grip on the fabric.


new_pa1Gordon Santee suggests: When planning your lifting attempts, remember that no one really cares what you open with, it is what you finish with that counts. Don’t let your ego get you in a bind. Your opener should be something that you could triple in the gym any day of the week. Get in the meet with your opener, then go for it!

graham_johnnyJohnny Graham suggests: This is what I tell every new lifter that wants to train with us. Come into the gym with a sense of humor, and leave the ego outside. When it comes to the point when you are not having fun during your training, then it’s time to stop. You can train hard and enjoy it. Every lifter has a funny story to tell about what goes on in the gym, and keep those in mind. What is it all about, if we can’t enjoy the fun times!

image004Sam Alduenda suggests: Before you leave to your meet have a card ready to go with all your personnel meet information on it. Have all your warm-ups written down both in Lbs and Kilos along with a colored bar code chart and with your attempts for each lift. Make sure your coach or buddy has a copy along with an extra card.



stillDavid Foster from IRELAND Suggests: If you have messed up your warm up and you have one last warm up but you up next to lift, don’t be afraid to skip your first attempt its better to be fully warmed up then to be rushing from the warm up straight to the platform were you will be so exhausted you wont recover and will lose confidence, also I find it best to keep you mouth shut before a comp, don’t go round bragging on what your going to lift, keep it to yourself and concentrate on lifting not bragging before hand, I have started doing this and I am much better for it.


bob evens benching (1)Bob Evans Suggests: If you compete using a Bench Press shirt then you need to train in your shirt EVERY WEEK. Many lifters think they can put a Bench shirt on two or three weeks before a contest and get great results. There are many ways to adjust a shirt once you have it on. The collar can move up or down, the lifting belt can be tighten or loosen, the sleeves can be twisted or you can wet the seams….etc. Train in your shirt every week for best results




mike bridges0001Mike Bridges Suggests: To gauge your strength, if your appetite decreases and/or you have trouble sleeping, your strength will suffer. This is the first sign of over training; too many reps/sets. If your appetite increases and you sleep well your strength increases. For good sleeping habits provide 8-10 hours even more if possible, (but of course, most of us have day jobs). Monitoring these two barometers are a simple way to keep your strength on the rise.


ask_the_doctorDr. David Foster Suggests: When wrapping your knees always wrap from the outside to inside. Because the bulk of the quadriceps muscle is on the outside of the femur this pulls the knee cap out of it’s normal groove. Wrapping outside to in will counter this force and prevent knee damage.



maile_larryDr. Larry Maile Suggests: The Deadlift is a lift of passion. If you think about it you won’t do it. Address the bar and then pull it for all your worth!



miamia contest and trip 174 (2)Mike Womelsdorf Suggests: Do yourself a big favor when your off season, get away from your favorite gym and find another one to train at for a change of pace, Yea I know those fancy “Corporate Gyms” don’t have decent power racks and lousy benches and chalk is forbidden, but getting out of your same old rut and using different equipment and a different atmosphere can get you from being stale.


steveSteve Denison Suggests: There is no magic strength template to getting strong. Find a strength program you like; Sheiko, Westside, Periodization etc.
The main thing is to be consistent in your training to obtain the best results. Any lifter that applies their best efforts in any one of these programs will achieve some decent results. Some better than others. Experiment with all of them and find which one works for you. Then stay consistent with that program and don’t miss training in order to achieve your strength goals.